My Fave SPF Products & Why You NEED to Use It

In honor of summer being right around the corner (and the sunburn I got last weekend) there is a very important topic I want to talk about, SPF. I can feel the eye rolls some of you just gave me and listen, I get it! If I was reading this about 2 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and clicked away.

Who cares about SPF? Why is it even important? MY skin will be fine! So what if I burn? It’ll just fade to a tan.

These are all things I used to say and SPF was something I completely ignored. I was living with the mindset that nothing bad could happen to me and that the sun wouldn’t damage MY skin. To be candid, I had never really experienced a sunburn until I was in college. I have a little bit of Portuguese in me so I was always used to just getting a tan.

About two years ago, I decided to research for myself and see why some of my favorite bloggers and celebrities were talking about SPF constantly.

We all know that the sun can damage your skin and leave you burned and in some cases potentially lead to skin cancer (as if that wasn’t a good enough reason for me to be wearing SPF before). But what I didn’t realize is that sun damage doesn’t just mean getting a sunburn or potentially getting skin cancer. Sun damage can create dark spots, blotches and wrinkles on your skin. The more and more I read in to the topic the more real and terrifying sun damage became to me.

Now, I am not here to lecture you on all the terrible things the sun can do to your skin BUT I am here to remind you to be KIND to your skin NOW so you don’t have to pay LATER. That being said, below I have linked my favorite SPF products for you all. Do what you wish with this information and stay safe because your sunburn may only last a week but the damage will last forever.

My Favorite SPF Products

Face SPF

Body SPF

What are your thoughts on SPF? Leave a comment! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @mollysfavorites for more skincare tips.

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