My Favorite Tanning Products

As we all have some extra time on our hands right now, what better time to self-tan! Not that anyone will be seeing me anytime soon but self-tanner always gives me a confidence boost and makes me feel human. I’m not someone who self-tans once a week but I have been trying to make a conscious effort to do it once or twice a month. Especially in the winter, when my skin is super pale.

I figured this was the perfect time to share my favorite tanning products. I have been self-tanning for 2-3 years now and have figured out what methods and products works best for me. Some are holy grails and others I recently started using and have been loving! But first, here are some of my quick tips for self-tanning:

Tanning Tips

  • EXFOLIATE – Such an important step in the self-tanning process. Whether I am using tanning products on my face or my body I always make sure to exfoliate prior to applying my products. Exfoliating beforehand gets rid of dead skin cells and helps the product go on smooth and even.
  • Moisturize – I always find that moisturizing regularly helps my tan last longer! Moisturize consistently after your tan is set to help it last.
  • Start Slow – If you are using a new tanning product, start out slowly! Use the smallest amount of product that you can and see what happens. If your tan isn’t as dark as you were hoping for, now you know you can go a little heavier. You can always add more tanner but what you can’t do is easily undo your cheeto tan 🙂

Favorite Self Tanners

I recently started using the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops and have been obsessed! I’m not sure how I lived without these drops. You can definitely build up this product to the tan that you want. I have been using this on my face and neck but it can be used all over your body. Just mix a few drops in with your favorite moisturizer and you’re good to go! I have been using 2-5 drops on my face and have seen awesome results. These drops give a natural and glowy tan that lasts for a few days. Use consistently for a longer lasting tan. Make sure to wash your hands after applying so you don’t get weird tan/orange spots.

The Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sunshine Drops are perfect for a one time tan. By that I mean, this product washes off at the end of the day, whereas the tanning drops sink in like a regular tanner. You can mix this product with your moisturizer for a natural looking tan. I like to use this if I am looking extra pale and need a quick glow up. This is a great product to have on hand for last minute tanning needs!

Loving Tan 2 HR Express self tanner gives me life. Majority of self tanners need around 6 hours to set before you wash it off but this one only needs 2! Apply all over your body using a tanning mitt in a circular motion. Two hours later you are good to hop in the shower and rinse off the excess product. This is a major time saver and makes it easier to plan your day around your self-tanning routine. I would suggest getting the Dark shade, unless you are extremely fair maybe try Medium.

St. Tropez is the first self tanner brand that I ever tried and it’s a good one! The Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse can be left on for up to 3 hours and leaves the skin with a beautiful natural looking tan. In my experience, this one seems to get me a little darker than the Loving Tan one (not sure if it is because it is on for 3 hours or what?) St. Tropez is slightly less expensive and such a great option! I would suggest this one if you are new to self tanner and want try one out.

Hope that this blog post was helpful. I only included products I have tried and loved! What are some of your favorite self-tanner products? Let me know in the comments!

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