Why I’m Ditching Powder Products for Liquid & Cream Makeup Products

Liquid and cream makeup products have been my go-to recently and I don’t plan on using powders any time soon. Here’s why I’m making the switch…

What I was using prior to switching:
For the most part, I have always used either a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer and a liquid concealer. I was using powder bronzers, highlighters and other products on top of my tinted moisturizer and concealer. Overtime, I started to realize that this was creating a cakey and dry look. And I was never able to blend my powder products as much as I wanted to!

Fast forward a few months, I have switched over to using all liquid and cream products and have been loving how my makeup looks! In my experience, liquid and cream products are easier to work with and blend. I apply each product separately, smooth them out and then blend everything together with my beauty blender at the end. This makes it easier to achieve a dewy, natural and sun kissed looked. I am all about natural looks and simplicity when it comes to makeup!

I figured this was a good time to do an updated blog post on what makeup products I am currently using and loving! Everything is linked below.

Here’s what I’ve been using:

Let me know if you have any questions about these products! You can leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @mollysfavorites

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