Skincare Dupes: Overnight Masks

I am so excited to start a new series on my blog! I will be providing you all with Molly’s Favorites approved drugstore dupes for higher-end skincare products. While I am someone who loves investing in skincare, I realized that not everyone wants to spend half their pay check on their products, which is totally fair! Skincare is something I am passionate about and love, but to be honest, I probably could save a few bucks here and there on products too.

Not to mention that in recent years drugstore brands have evolved immensely and soooo many new brands that are clean and cruelty free have hit the market. In reality, you can create an awesome skincare regimen with all drug-store products.

I am hoping that this series will help you all find products that are not only affordable, but QUALITY too. Now, let’s get into our first product!


Let’s talk overnight masks, specifically overnight hydration masks! Replenishing your skin is super important if you want to maintain a glowy complexion. As someone with dry skin, I find myself buying and trying a ton of hydration masks. In my search, I have come across a great drug store dupe for two higher-end options that works just as well! First, here are your high-end options:

High End Products

$52 – Drunk Elephtan F-Balm Electrylyte Waterfacial


Our first high-end option is the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Masque hydratant. This mask feels luxurious on the skin and is super smooth. I used this to help my skin this past month when I was experiencing some serious dry patches. Apply last, over your other nighttime products, and let it work its magic overnight. When you wake up your skin will be replenished, bouncy and glowy. Although this mask works great, it is $52.

$45 – Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask

Our second overnight hydration mask is the Glow Recipe Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleep Mask. Full disclosure, I have not tried this product! BUT, I do know that this product has been compared to our dupe, which I will introduce in just a second. I wanted to include this product because I have heard great things from friends who have tried it/use it and love it! And the internet has gone crazy about this product in the past. Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleep Mask is $45 and is suppose to leave skin hydrated and glowy.

Our drugstore dupe today is the perfect dupe for the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask but I think that it is can also double as a dupe for the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Waterfacial!

Drugstore Dupe

$15 – Bliss What a Melon Overnight Mask

Our drugstore dupe is… drum roll please… Bliss What a Melon Reviving & De-Stressing Overnight Mask! Apply this product as the final step in your night time skincare routine and when you wake up, your skin will feel silky smooth and hydrated. What a Melon replenishes the skin overnight and gives the skin a fresh glow. The product itself is luminescent and smells fruity, who doesn’t love fruity?

This product goes for $12.99 at Target and $15 at Ulta (not sure why there is a price difference but head to Target if you want to save a few dollars, I guess!) Bliss is cruelty free and majority of their products are vegan (What a Melon is vegan). This overnight mask has been compared again and again to the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask and is the perfect dupe for this high-end product. Having tried and loved the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Waterfacial I can attest that What a Melon gives very similar results and would consider it a great dupe for this product too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I have so many ideas for other dupes I want to share with you all. If there are any products you want me to find a dupe for feel free to leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @mollysfavorites 🙂

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