Last week, I ordered from SKIMS on a complete whim. “On a whim” is probably how I make the majority of my purchases, woops! I was on Instagram looking through Kim Kardashian’s stories and next thing I knew I was entering my credit card information. Online shopping is dangerous!

What really drew me in was the new line of cotton bras and underwear that SKIMS offers. I’m all about comfort when it comes to bras and underwear (who isn’t?) Everything on the website looked so comfy, I decided I had to try it. I took some time to look over the styles and sizing charts to make sure I would love what I got.

Iended up purchasing the COTTON TRIANGLE BRALETTE in SOOT and the COTTON DIPPED THONG in SOOT. To be completely honest, they had another color I wanted but it was out of stock! I figured the SOOT would be safe since it is a dark grey/black color.


As I mentioned, I took some time looking over the sizing charts to make sure I was ordering the correct sizes. I got a size SMALL in the bralette and a size XSMALL in the underwear. The bralette fits perfectly. I probably could have gone with a SMALL for the underwear but the XSMALL fits just fine! I would say the size chart is pretty true to its measurements and regular sizing.

For reference, when buying bralettes from Aerie or basically any other store I usually go with a SMALL. For underwear, I usually wear a size SMALL/MEDIUM depending on the style. Looking at the size chart on SKIMS I was between sizes so I decided to size down. Like I mentioned above the XSMALL fits fine but I think the SMALL would have fit me as well. From my experience, following the size chart worked out great!

FYI the thong underwear comes very high up on your hip. From looking at the other underwear styles I believe this is true for the other styles too. Personally, I like this style. The style of the underwear is very much styled how the Kardashians wear underwear, swimsuit bottoms etc. (I hope everyone knows what I’m talking about, if not please go stalk their Instagram accounts and you’ll get it)

One last note on sizing, I absolutely love the variety of sizes. Sizes for bralettes and underwear range from XXSMALL – 4X. Sizes for underwire bras range from 32 – 44 for band size and A – DDD for cup size. Although this does not cover every size, I can appreciate that they are on the right path to being inclusive!


I think that the items on SKIMS are very reasonably priced in comparison to other retailers. The bralette was $32 and the underwear was $18. This is a little more than I normally spend on underwear but because of the quality I think that it is worth it! The bralette I would say is right on par with what I would normally spend for a bralette.

I think that the quality of the bralettes/underwear aligns well with the price. I was actually shocked, everything was more affordable than I thought it would be.


From the first try-on, both items were extremely comfortable and soft. The material is exactly what I was looking for and the fit is perfect. The fabric looks/feels like it is made with quality materials. The quality of an item is always something I look for and will be honest about!

I love that this bralette has adjustable straps and has four adjustable hooks in the back. This is always a plus for me because my back measures closer to a 30 than a 32 and most brands do not accommodate or sell this size. Having the four hooks is great if your between sizes like me.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase! Aside from the two styles I bought, they have a few different bra/bralette and underwear styles to choose from in the cotton line. I choose the styles I personally feel most comfortable in but I would think there is something for everyone.

As always feel free to leave a comment or DM on Instagram (@mollysfavorites) with any questions/comments/concerns you may have!

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