Updated Skincare!

Now that we are well in to the fall season and the weather has changed, so has my skin! I tend to get super dry once the temperature drops. I’m definitely not as dry right now as I get in the winter time but I have noticed a difference. I haven’t done an updated skincare routine in awhile and now seemed like the perfect time. I love trying out products and I am using a few new products I wanted to share. You’ll notice some of my products have remained the same, because I love them!!

The pictures coordinate with the order that I use these in. I have also included a section at the end linking products I will switch in and out of my routine, basically whenever I feel like I want a change or on a need based. Additionally, I have an entire post all about skin you can read HERE. Let’s get into, every image is linked below,




That’s it! I hope this was helpful. As always, feel free to leave a comment or DM me on Instagram (@mollysfavorites) with any questions, suggestions etc.

xx molly