How to Style Joggers for Spring

I recently bought a pair of joggers from Athleta! I have been looking for a pair for a while now and didn’t want to splurge unless I absolutely loved them. These one caught my eye and fit me really well. They are called the Farallon Pant. If you have questions about the sizing let me know, I got my normal pant size! The way I styled these, I didn’t dress them up too much but you definitely could if you wanted to. I wanted to keep these looks simple and casual (because thats my style 99.9% of the time).

All of the joggers I own are basically just sweatpants rather than an item I could leave the house in for the day. I love that these are comfy just like sweatpants but have a more put together vibe with the zippered pockets and ankles.

Style 1
I kept this first outfit super simple with just a black tank top and black slides. I love how the black tank and shoes look with the color of the pants. In cooler weather you could throw a jacket or sweater over this! I would probably do a jean jacket, cardigan, or light weight sweater.

Style 2
I think this one is my favorite! Again, super simple and easy. Throwing on a white t-shirt and white sneakers (or any other color sneakers honestly) to make these pants look more put together. You could change out sneakers for sandals or flip flops in warmer weather too. Again, throwing a sweater or light jacket on in cooler weather would look cute.

Style 3
This outfit is super simple but perfect for a chilly day! This shirt is slightly cropped in front so it meets the waist of the pants perfectly. Just like the outfit above, you could throw on sandals or a jacket depending on the weather. Cute and casual look.

Style 4
IMG_E2573Really love this look! The sandals and jean jacket dress these joggers up and would be perfect for a day out. I layered the jacket over the same white t-shirt from above. I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit a lot!

Which outfit was your favorite? Do you want to see more looks with these pants? Let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram, your feedback is appreciated 🙂

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