Everyday Outfits

I have always loved picking out outfits. My mom has always told me by the time I was two years old I started dressing myself and that I would match my clothes (which is probably why I love clothes and fashion so much). My style over the years has changed and evolved soooooo much but I have always worn things that I love and don’t really care what other people think. I don’t tend to dress super out of the ordinary or crazy but my style might not be for everyone, which is ok!

As I mentioned my style has evolved and grown with me and right now I am loving whats in my closet. I feel like myself and I’m comfortable in my clothes and I think it is super important for any woman to feel that way. That being said, below are a few outfits I put together for this post that I have been loving for everyday wear this winter.

I put a lot of thought and effort into these outfits so I hope you enjoy them! I also hope this can be a source of inspiration for some of you. I know in the winter I can get into a routine of just wearing leggings and a sweatshirt everyday but sometimes its fun to dress up.

Outfit #1 (This jacket has a really cool quilted pattern on the front and the buttons are so cute)IMG_E0089

Outfit #2 (Favorite outfit)IMG_E0095

Outfit #3 (These are my absolute favorite jeans, please don’t mind the sleeves)IMG_E0109

Outfit #4 (Normally I wear this to work so I’ll wear flats but the heels would be cute for going out! Again please don’t mind the sleeves/shirt/sweater its harder than it looks to make it look pretty, lol)IMG_E0119

Outfit #5 (These corduroy jeans are amazing)IMG_E0124

These are outfits I have been wearing this winter and have been loving. I really hope that you enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to see more posts like this, its fun putting outfits together! I was thinking of maybe doing a similar post for work outfits? Would you want to see that? Let me know!

What are you favorite outfits like? Has your style changed over the years? Leave a comment letting me know, I’d love to hear! As always your feedback is welcome, I want to create content that you guys want to read so please feel free to leave any suggestions.

If you have questions about where anything is from ask me in the comments or feel free to DM me on Instagram (@mollytenbroeck)

Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Everyday Outfits

  1. Lauren Godin says:


    I absolutely loved all these outfits! omg! i’d wear every single one in a heart beat- you have such great taste. I think my favorite piece is the teddy bear jacket lol 💛

    I’ve always been someone who loved to pick out clothes and i’ve always embraced my own individual style but things have definitely evolved over the past couple years! my main focus on outfits used to be: does this make me look skinny? and now it’s more: does this feel like me and do I feel comfortable? makes a huge difference!

    loved this post.

    lo 🦋

    Liked by 1 person

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