Welcome (again)

Welcome to my blog!

My blogging history dates back to 2015, when I first created this blog. I decided to start blogging as a way to express myself and as a way to write, which I love doing!

I blogged for about 8 months while I was in college but then life got busy and I couldn’t find the time to balance both. Long story short, about two and half years later I decided that I want to give blogging another go! I am excited to be able to share my thoughts, ideas, style and life through my writing once again.

I decided to delete my older posts because I feel as I was a different person at the time of first creating this blog. My style has changed and so has my life. I wanted to be able to start fresh and build a platform that I believe in and feel confident in. Change is good, we all evolve and grow. How boring would it be to stay the exact same your entire life?!

I am excited to be able to start this blog back up and create new posts and content. I hope that you’ll join me on my blogging journey. Check back for new posts soon!

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